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Access to Mount Bromo

Easy Access to Mount Bromo Tourism in East Java

Easy Access to Mount Bromo Tourism in East Java, interesting information about routes and roads to Mount Bromo tourist attractions that need to be known. So many questions about the route, transportation and maps to Mount Bromo? in this case we begin to rethink what if we post important info in the title “Road to Bromo” which might be of benefit to you. We know Mount Bromo Tourism is a fantastic place as a holiday and recreation to eliminate boredom. for you nature lovers and want to take the bromo tour package of course we will provide comfort and convenience for you to traveling.

Easy Access to Mount Bromo Tourism in East Java

Talk about the layout and location of Mount Bromo Tourism in 4 regency border areas in East Java. Namely, Malang Regency, Regency, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and the last one is Lumajang. From each district above each has a road to get to Mount Bromo tourist attractions. However, the most chosen by tourists for the Bromo tour is through Probolinggo because at this point you can easily find various lodging / hotels near Bromo from cheap to expensive prices. On the other side of the road to tour Mount Bromo via Pasuruan also finishes the second option if you feel the road to Mount Bromo from Probolinggo is too far. The point is the way to tour Mount Bromo, which is the most chosen through the Pasuruan city (Tosari Village – Wonokitri – Mount Bromo) and Through the  Probolinggo city (Sukapura village – Cemara Lawang – Mount Bromo).

Easy Access to Mount Bromo Tourism in East Java

The road to Mount Bromo from Surabaya
If you are from Surabaya, you can use various types of transportation, be it buses, trains, or cars or motorbikes from Surabaya – Sidoarjo – Bangil – Pasuruan / Probolinggo. The duration of travel is around 3 to 4 hours to reach the Bromo tour.
The road to Mount Bromo from Malang
To route the road to Mount Bromo Tourism East Java via Malang you have 2 choices, Tumpang or Pasuruan / Probolinggo, but for the route through overlap when it arrives at Jemplang the road is quite extreme and rocky, not recommended four-wheeled vehicles can pass this path unless you wear a jeep hartop rental services, or the use of private motorbikes.